20 February 2016

A lot of new By Fire & Sword additions!

After a long hiatus I return to the blog, and to compensate for my long absence I thought I would post pictures of all the new By Fire & Sword additions I have painted since last time I posted. There is a bunch more of them in the pipeline and on my painting table.

To start:

Western type commanders mounted and on foot to command my Mercenary infantry and cavalry regiments.

Regimental guns for my infantry regiments
I painted upp additional bases to max out my New Type mercenary infantry regiment.

I also painted up 8 musket and 4 pike bases for my Old type regiment, 4 more muskets will be added to max out this regiment as well. The new models for the "Old Type" infantry are truly great. Though I had some problems with the musket forks just like with the previous first edition miniatures. This was sorted out by cutting brass poles and replacing the cast musket fork with the brass. You can not see the difference once that is done, the miniatures below have about 7 brass forks, the rest are regular cast metal.

6 bases of "western" dragoons for my Lithuanian skirmish lists, and also to be used for Courland and Imperial skirmish lists as well. The dragoons are a mix of various Swedish and Brandenburg models, and a snuck in a cossack as well since I came up with a model short for some reason.

The most exciting addition, because it unlocks a bunch of new options and skirmish lists that I have not been able to play before: 6 bases of tartar cavalry. With these I can also field a light cavalry regiment when combining them with other light cavalry that I own. As I had some problems with a couple of horses for this unit, I had to replace them with what other horses I had in my drawers. This happened to be Reiter horses, from which I removed the pistols using a sharp knife. I think the result was pretty good. I also made my own banners since I had this idea of simple two colored banners for the tartars and having one of the colors be black. I did however not plan on painting the unit commanders to match the flags, that sort of just happened but turned out quite OK imo.


  1. Welcome back and what a return! Great work all round; I, too, have had a 'sabbatical' from blogging and, assuming I have any followers left, will return soon with news of just what I've been up to in the intervening months... ;)

  2. Excellent!
    You must have several large armies by now for BF&S.

  3. I have a pretty big collection of Polish-Lithuanian troops, of which I can use most of the "western type" (reiters, dragoons, infantry) as Swedes, Courland, Gdansk, Imperials etc so the collection is quite versatile :-)

    I also have a very large Cossack Skirmish force that I bought painted up and ready to be played last year.


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