24 February 2016

Two more buildings for By Fire & Sword

Two more buildings painted up for By Fire & Sword, with these I have a pretty neat small town/village when everything is put together. I'll see if I can get a picture of them all next time I play a game down at the club.

The small building is a Peasant hut, the large is a Noblemans house. Both are from Wargamer.pl and like always I had a good time painting them  as they paint up easily and make a nice break from painting hordes of horses.


  1. these arent bad little buildings. They would be great for the Eastern Poland, Ukrainian type villages for 1939 games as well :D Whats the cost of them like? Are you reasonably priced?

  2. Considering they are made out of resin I think the price is fair. The noblemans house is 26Euro, the peasant hut is 12Euro.

    You can see the prices and the rest of their range of buildings here http://sklep.wargamer.pl/category/en/ogniem-i-mieczem-tereny

  3. Excellent! Cheers Anatoli, I'll head over and have a look. I have some of Timecast models earmarked for a Polish village from '39 but I have time to waste as I want to get all of my Polish fortifications painted up first! :D

  4. Beautiful job there - as always!


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