14 March 2016

BF&S: Polish light cavalry commander Andrzej Kmicic command base

I still have some By Fire & Sword units and terrain pieces to paint, but this command base will be the last By Fire & Sword miniature I paint until I finish all my Frostgrave stuff (Caroline picked up interest so I'm painting another warband for her to play).

The commander for this command base is from Wargamer and I think you can get it in their tournament supported "Ducat catalogue"where you trade tournament currency for unique/special models.

This character is originally from the "Trilogy" by author Henryk Sienkiewicz.  where Andrzej Kmicic was an unruly Polish nobleman commanding tartar cavalry supporting the Commonwealth against the Swedish invaders during "the deluge". Most people probably know the character from the 1974 movie "Potop" (the Deluge). Anyway, I thought the mini was a perfect commander for a Polish light cavalry regiment, but will also be used at skirmish levels for when I field forces made up of more light cavalry such as tartars, volunteers, wallachians etc.

And with the release of the new book "Armies of By Fire & Sword volume 1" I decided to not glue the commander to his horse so that when I get the historical skirmish force commanders I will be able to swap them out depending on which one I like to use in a particular battle. Similar to what I did with my Polish-Lithuanian General base where I have been alternating between Jan Sobieski, prince Radziwill and a generic general when playing division level games.


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