31 March 2016

Second Frostgrave warband painted up

Been painting on and off over the past two weeks in order to complete a second Frostgrave warband so that Caroline can play as well. The composition is roughly the same as the one I painted up a while back with two ranged characters, a fast moving thief and a mix of close combat characters.

In one of my drawers I found the Salute 2014 (?) plastic miniature that you got in your gift bag when buying a ticket. I figured it would make a good paladin/knight so I added a couple of Frostgrave bits, such as the head, shield and torch. Pretty happy with the end result.

Caroline browsed the available Frostgrave wizards and like the "Illusionist" blister the most so I bough and painted it up according to her color choices - lots of green.

With the two warbands painted up I will be adding extra miniatures of soldiers and encounters over time. Next up on my painting base is the Genie and a pack of wolves from NorthStar/Osprey Games.

I also purchased a box of plastic Frostgrave Cultists along with the Thaw of the Lich Lord expansion so there will soon be a post with a review and close look on those items posted on the blog :-)


  1. Lovely warband & wizards! The conversion is very effective and fits into the Frostgrave look!

    1. Thanks, it was great to find some use for the "Salute" miniature as well. I already used the helmet head for another Frostgrave soldier conversion a while back to make an armored templar http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/2015/09/frostgrave-kit-bashed-templar-miniature.html

  2. Replies
    1. It sure is, plays fast and easy to learn - and the wizards/spells are really what makes the game worthwhile :-)


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