18 April 2016

Chain of Command: Early War Poles vs Germans city skirmish AAR

This weekend Johan and I played a game of Chain of Command using our Early War armies. The Poles rolled poorly on their morale track, starting the fight with 8 and becoming the defenders - they picked an R35 tank for support. The attacking Germans started the fight with 11 morale, and supported by a leIG18 gun, a PzII and a PzIII A-C.

Germans were arriving from the park and factory area, the Poles were spread thin along the center of the city with a large concentration of troops in the post office where the Staff Sgt kept a full section  of troops and the anti-tank rifle under his command.

The battle began with the Poles splitting their remaining two sections in an attempt to cover more ground, this would prove to be a fatal mistake down the road. Troops were moving to cover more areas and buildings but soon most of the Polish attention was put on the outpost in the postal office with Germans swarming along the factory wall and two tanks rolling up towards the building.

The Germans also positioned their gun to overlook the postal office in support of the two tanks. Hoping to inflict some casualties part of the Polish troops opened fire at the Germans along the factory wall, throwing grenades while doing so. The Germans only suffered minor losses and began their return fire, at the same time German armor was realized that there were troops in the building as the Poles opened fire at the leIG18 gun hoping to knock it out of action - but inflicting no casualties.

In return, German tanks and the infantry gun opened up and had a devastating effect on the troops along the wall, inflicting two wounds on the junior officer and killing several soldiers. Morale quickly dropped by 2, and with no breakthrough in the fire exchange the Poles decided to withdraw from the building. The jump-off point was moved back 18" towards friendly lines, and the R35 tank began a fire exchange with the PzII forcing the German tank to briefly back away - but soon saw both German tanks emerge from behind the postal office corner firing at both Polish armor and infantry moving in the open.

On the opposite flank things were equally bad as there was almost no command and control. The small groups had a hard time activating, and the senior officer which I was rushing towards the flank along with a team led by a junior officer were stopped in the tracks in the middle of the street due to poor movement rolls - and then they took a LOT of machinegun fire from German positions. An attempt was made to create some cover with smoke grenades but the smoke was soon removed as the Germans used their Chain of Command die to end the turn.

Maybe there would have been a way to salvage the situation somehow, the R35 tank for instance withstood everything the Germans threw at it and was still in the fight, but the Polish morale was very low and I started losing command dice. Finally the Polish morale dropped to 1 and I surrendered as there was another end turn and the remnant of my team led by a junior officer routed from the table.

Lessons for the future, keep one senior officer within range of those small teams you've created from bigger sections.

The reason I broke my large sections into smaller teams was to attempt to work around the firefight-stalemate that usually occurs with equal number of units sitting in hard cover and just firing at each other. But as all those smaller teams were not able to move and shoot due to lack of rolls of 1  that plan did not come to fruition...


  1. I discussed the morale loss and taking hits on commanders with my opponent, we both think that rolling a D6 regardless of the number of losses is just a too high probability of having your commander hit. I suggested using dice to match the size of units (D6/8/10/20) and re-roll any result beyong the number of models in your unit. That way a unit of 18 soldiers taking a single hit would only see the officer wounded on 1 out of 18 instead a 16% chance on a D6 die.

  2. Great game report. Always nice to see the opening and often forgotten stages of WW" being gamed.



    1. That terrain (buildings) looks great! Some look like card-stock (paper-craft) while others look more detailed. Where did you get them?

    2. Bought them from a fellow wargamer here in Sweden, they are a mix of home made and railway hobby Buildings.

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