01 April 2016

Frostgrave Genie and wolves

Painted these up last night, the miniatures are from Ospray/North Star and from the Frostgrave range. I bought these at the same time as when I bought the expansion book, illusionist wizards and plastic cultist boxed set. There were more models I wanted such as the great looking "Ghoul king" miniature but was not able to buy more at the time.

Anyway, the genie is painted up pretty much like the "original" Ospray paintjob shown at the back of the blister. The wolves I wanted to paint in something else than the usual "grey" tones so I opted for brown/grey instead. They look OK, mainly at an arm's length - not my best work but I spent most of my effort on the genie miniature which I found a lot of fun to paint.


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