27 April 2016

Frostgrave: The Silent Tower AAR

Second game in our ongoing Frostgrave campaign, we played the "Silent tower" scenario, which has a magic negating structure in the middle of the board where no magic works. This also means that you can't use magic against units inside that building, and you cannot use magic to enter it either.
Entering the tower with a wizard granted a nice experience reward, and the treasure inside the building counted as 3 rolls on the treasure chart after the game - so a most valuable prize to fight for!

As I mentioned in my last post we use the campaign house rules. And we also use a 6-turn limit (for a 4x4' table). This works very well and prompts players to act fast and not loiter around, and shortens games considerable towards the end - sparing you the long wait from waiting until all models leave the table etc. All treasures carried by units are regarded as salvaged at the end of a game by the owning player. You do not have to bring treasure off the table to secure it.

We also agreed on limiting the campaign to a race, first wizard that reaches level 20 wins the campaign.

The Illusionist warband in this particular battle was composed of:

Wizard Silas
Apprentice Ronya
2x Men-at-arms
1 Thief
1 Infantryman
1 Bowman
1 Crossbowman

The Witch Warband for this fight:

Wizard Saric
Apprentice Frid
2x Men-at-arms
1 Templar
1 Thief
1 Bowman

My Witch and his warband started being one man short due to the crossbowman suffering bad injury in the last fight and would not be able to fight again until game 3.

This particular fight proved to be a lot more close up and personal for a couple of reasons. It all began with both sides moving towards the tower in the center of the table with their fast units. The thief belonging to the Witch's warband managed to climb the wall and enter the complex first while the Witch and a man-at-arms were following close behind. The Witch apprentice moved to the right flank together with a bowman trying to intercept some treasure outside the tower complex and hinder the enemy Wizard from getting into the tower.

On the left flank the Witch warband sent their Templar along with another man-at-arms to grab a treasure resting outside a farmhouse. The man-at-arms picked up the treasure which triggered a random encounter and two wild dogs entered the table - from the left side and soon after charged the units belonging to the witch.

Meanwhile the Illusionist apprentice backed by an infantryman came into view as they were searching for another treasure nearby, resulting in her dropping some explosive runes creating a minefield in front of them to prevent enemy units attacking head on. The Illusionist infantryman grabbed the treasure and they moved quickly out of sight just as the wild dogs jumped the soldiers of the Witch. Fortunately both dogs attacked the Templar, which managed to dispatch both animals with some expert swinging of his two handed weapon.

On the right flank the Witch apprentice and the Illusionist Wizard were attempting to target each other and their opponents with various spells but kept failing miserably, resulting in health loss due to casting failure. The situation was bizarre and ended with both spellcasters running off in different directions to avoid being targeted by the ranged attacks from enemy archers.

Inside the tower itself the Witch thief managed to get his hands on the main treasure, but was jumped by an enemy man-at-arms and taken out of action with a brutal swing of a sword. The Illusionist man-at-arms picked up the treasure just as the Witch Wizard climbed the wall followed by his own man-at-arms. Both soldiers from opposing warbands met up in a swirling melee and the Wizard jumped in to tip the odds. This prompted the Illusionist crossbowman to flank the fight and fire a bolt into the side of the opponents. Both the man-at-arms and the Witch himself were wounded and taken out of action, allowing both remaining Illusionist soldiers to grab the treasure and start withdrawing from the site. With a last minute effort the Illusionist wizard too climbed the tower to check out the site and earn some experience as the game ended.

A lone skeleton warrior had showed up on the far right flank, but it had just moved around aimlessly in the woods and did not impact the fight in any way.


Post game sequence

My Witch had a bad day and only managed to salvage two treasures which amounted to a total of 70 gold, 1 magic hand weapon with Fight +1, a scroll of Blinding Light and a Scroll of Invisibility.

Fortunately all three of the Witch warband units made a full recovery (Wizard, Thief, Man-at-arms)!

With an increase of 190xp added to what my wizard already had saved up since before I spent 300xp to increase the health stat of my wizard and apprentice by 1 point and decrease the casting difficulty of the two valuable spells Shield and Elemental Hammer. Reducing both to a -2 Negative Casting modifier as if they were "aligned" instead of "neutral" spells.

Caroline's Illusionist had a fantastic post game sequence making up for game 1.

The Illusionist wizard earned 240xp and salvaged two regular and one special treasure (the one from the tower).

The treasure rolls amounted to a total of 520 gold and 5 grimoires!! (Crumble, Enchant weapon, Heal, Control Construct and Summon Imp).

The Illusionist spent 200xp on learning the spell Heal and reducing the casting difficulty of Telekinesis.


  1. Good looking game. I linked it in my weekly battle roundup:


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