22 April 2016

Frostgrave - starting a campaign

As Caroline became interested in Frostgrave a while back I painted up a second warband and wizard couple for her to play. We recently played a test/learn the rules and then proceeded to play a regular game. In both instances we used the "genie in the bottle" scenario since I had recently painted up the superb Genie and lamp miniature from North Star.

I was playing my Witch along with his apprentice, Caroline opted for the Illusionist. Initially she was not happy with the lack of offensive spells that she had picked but realized she will have to play her wizard in another way - and I told her that she will be able to learn new spells in the future.

She enjoyed the game a lot, so I think there will be more  Frostgrave games between us in the future. The scenario ended with my warband being able to snatch the lamp - with a bit of effort and having to sacrifice one soldier to distract the genie as I was summoning fog screens.

Carolines Illusionist warband set up their home base in the "laboratory", and accumulated 390 gold as well as a ring of power and a potion of strength as well as a potion of healing. She also decreased the difficulty to cast the Explosive Rune and the Telekinesis spells.

My Witch warband set up a base in the old "Treasury", and accumulated 340 gold and after selling the Genie lamp and a few small items I also recruited a Templar.
My wizard spent his experience to decrease the difficulty to cast the Elemental Hammer and Shield spells.

Pictures from our test game

Pictures from our first campaign game. The Genie was really acting out in this game once spawened he was chasing my soldiers around. I had to put fog screens and throw away a soldier as a distraction to get rid of him :-D

In our next game we will be adding random encounters.


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    1. Caroline and I went to Poland in January on a short vacation that proved to be more expensive than we had planned - and since we were saving for a real vacation later this year we just could not afford going to Poland again on such short notice.
      But I will attend next year.


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