02 May 2016

Frostgrave: Worm Hunts AAR

Third game in our ongoing campaign was the scenario "Worm hunts" which starts out as a regular search for treasures on a generic board but with each treasure picked up the chance of a giant man-eating worm appearing from below increases (sort of like in the movie Tremors)!
I'm currently painting a huge worm at the moment (the model from Mansions of Madness boardgame) but in this game I used one of my smaller Lovecraft-collection monsters.

The Illusionist warband in this fight
Wizard Silas
Apprentice Ronya
2x Men-at-arms
1 Thief
1 Infantryman
1 Bowman
1 Crossbowman

The Witch Warband for this fight:

Wizard Saric
Apprentice Frid
2x Men-at-arms
1 Templar
1 Thief
1 Bowman
1 Crossbowman

Compared to the last fight both wizards were a bit more fortunate with their spellcasting and used it to aid their troops in the search of lost treasure. The Illusionist wizard used telekinesis to pull a treasure out of sight from the Witch wizard  who was thinking of using the same trick.

With the terrain allowing more ranged combat this time around there were lots of magic, arrows and bolts flying through the air. In an attempt to cut off enemy fire support the Witch dropped a fog
spell behind the Illusionist thief and ordered his own thief to charge in order to steal back recently salvaged treasure. The knife fight however did not end well for the attacker who was forced back and then the enemy thief escaped through the fog screen with the treasure, and used the fog to shield his back from the Witches' spells and arrows!

Misfortune struck the Witch and his warband again as the opposing warband salvaged a treasure which triggered the giant worm to appear from under a treasure that was about to be picked up by a member of the Witch warband. Instead of picking up the treasure both soldiers made a fast decision to run away and out of sight not to become dinner for the worm. The worm effectively denied access to the treasure for the remainder of the game and strayed around in the streets between the houses with everyone keeping at safe distance, though there were attempts to dispatch the monster with some ranged attacks. The Illusionist wizard, however, managed to use his magic to drag the treasure with his Telekinetic power from under the monster and into safety where it was picked up by a loyal soldier.

A magic and arrow duel was fought between both archers and apprentices of both warbands as they fought over a treasure. The Witch apprentice kept casting steal health and curse, targeting both soldier and apprentice of the opposing warband. The Illusionist apprentice managed to negate some loss of health and the curse effects by casting heal and then withdrawing from sight before the Wtich wizard himself appeared to cast spells in a crossfire.

Both warbands ended the encounter with two treasures each, the giant worm survived the ranged attacks and still roamed the battlefield as both warbands returned to their bases.


Post game sequence

The Witch warband salvaged 2 treasures which amounted to 90 gold, one scroll of Planar Tear, one scroll of Plague of Insects and a magic 2-handed weapon with a Fight +1 value.

One of the man-at-arms soldiers was badly wounded and would miss the next game.

220xp was earned and 200 xp was used by the Wizard to improve the spells Steal Health and Poison Dart.

The Witch and his apprentice are currently Level 7 magicians.

The Illusionist warband salvaged 3 treasures amounting to 150 gold, a magic bow with +2 damage, a magic item that turned out to be an Orb of Power and two scrolls - Control Construct and Write Scroll.

310xp was earned, and experience was used to reduce the casting difficulty of Heal and Explosive rune. The Illusionist and his apprentice are currently Level 7 magicians. A part of the treasury was spent on upgrading the home base (Laboratory) with a sarcophagus of healing which is great as it prevents your wizard from having to lose participation in a battle after having been badly injured.


  1. What a beautiful looking game, terrain is awesome!

  2. Outstanding photos, minis and terrain! Cheers!

  3. Great looking battle. I put it in my weekly roundup:


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