13 August 2016

SAGA Hearthguard and Warlords

I have not made any posts the last couple of months, for various reasons. New job, long hours at work, some new PC games that got into he way of painting, not much miniature wargaming done lately etc.

I started a SAGA project but I turned out to be very uninspired to paint Vikings for some reason. I have sent most of the vikings to be painted up by a fellow wargamer in Germany (while I was at it I also sent some French & Indian war minis to be painted up in England) - looking forward to having those commissions delivered late August and late September. I simply have very little time nowadays to start larger projects from scratch.

Over the past couple of weeks I did however finish some painting. 12 Hearthguard and 3 Warlords for the various SAGA warbands I intend to field. I am STILL waiting for the SAGA core rulebook which I ordered 4 months ago!!! It is still not in stock, it is mindblowing really how Gripping Beast cannot restock such a fundamental part of their own line of products.

I really look forward to get back to the hobby with some By Fire & Sword, Muskets & Tomahawks, Frostgrave and SAGA games.

Until then I will be posting some boardgame reviews as there have been quite a few purchases and games played last couple of months.

 Anglo-Danish Warlord

 Viking Warlord

Jomsviking Warlord



  1. Absolutely wonderful! Your shield and fabric designs are superb.

  2. Really lovely painting, and basing - excellent work, Anatoli!!

  3. That's some great painting, very impressive!

  4. Wow, very nice! Great painting. They look amazing.

  5. They look great, lovely work!


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