18 September 2016

Pictures from Malbork Castle part 1 of 2

During my recent brief trip to Poland we went to Malbork castle as I really wanted to see the headquarters of the Teutonic order having read about them when I was younger.
We went on a rainy day but I still got some great pics - turned out I took nearly 300 pictures haha.

The castle was badly damaged during WW2, but has been restored and some parts of it have been finished just recently - such as the large chapel standing in the old part of the castle. I can't recommend this castle enough as you get immense value for money. The entry tickets were around 40PLN per person "during season" however there are no extra fees anywhere in the castle except for the clocktower if you want to go up and watch the view. You get a superb audioguide in English which has a built in GPS so that the audio guide tells you stuff about your current room and location, and you don't have to walk with a big group of people - Caroline and I walked by ourselves and our tour of the castle took roughly 3 hours! The place is huge!!

There is also no restriction to photography, and there really is a lot to see, not only the vast amount of rooms and great looking outdoor  parts of the castle but they also have a great display of amber, weapons and armor, history of restoration works and also a guest display of weapons and armor from the orient which was very interesting.

I can safely say that this was the best "castle" experience I've had. I hate it when you have to buy chunks of the castle like in Konopiste in the Czech Republic or Wavel castle in Krakow. I hope owners of Malmbork castle don't cath on to that business model.

Anyway, in the end I found 275 pictures to be worth sharing, that is a lot, so I will post them in two parts.

Enjoy part 1

In my next post there will be pictures from the armory and the inner castle.


  1. Great photos Alex. Really gives a good impression of the scale of this beast of a castle! :)

  2. In my opinion, the Malbork castle is one of the best castles of the world.

  3. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.
    This looks as a place to visit.


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