06 October 2016

French & Indian war additions

Just as I sent my SAGA vikings off to a painter in Germany I was caught up in the moment and having some cash over I dug up a bunch of yet to be painted French & Indian War miniatures that I wanted to get "play ready" for Muskets & Tomahawks. The additions would boost my collection with 6 more woodland indians armed with bows and 18 militiamen. With some help from the Lead Adventure community (once again!) I managed to find a painting service in England that looked promising - Artmaster Studio.

After coming to an agreement I sent off my models, and with the quick turnaround and my renewed itch to play the period and Muskets and Tomahawks in particular I scouted the Artmaster Studio facebook page and found additional already painted up models for sale. This ended with me buying an additional 18 indians and 23 Highlanders!

Money was flying around that month for sure... but just as I was happy with the SAGA stuff I sent to Michael in Germany I was happy with the painting that Artmaster Studio provided for these minis. Suddenly my collection got boosted with over 100 painted miniatures. To paint that number of models today would take me a LOT of time which I sadly don't have any more.

Furthermore, with the additional models that I bought I am able to field a variety of configurations in both Indian, British and French army lists as well as having enough models to field two medium size forces to fight it out against each other which certainly will help to demo the game for interested friends :-D


  1. Those are some really nice figures! FIW is something I've been thinking about starting. I see lots of folks playing Muskets and Tomahawks, but I still haven't played it myself.

    1. Muskets & Tomahawks is a great game really, it's a shame I don't play it more often. But as with many games I'm enthusiastic about I'm pretty much the only guy in the club owning the rules and minis....

  2. Those look fantasitc. I really really love those indians

  3. Diversified and great looking figures!

  4. Those Indians are so well done!
    made me lookiung up the Painting Woodland Indians Skin tutorial on this blog :-)


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