04 October 2016

SAGA warband complete

After many months my SAGA project is pretty much finished as the models I sent to the talanted Michael Sehl (Michi on the Lead Adventure Forum) arrived early this week. At the same time I received my SAGA rulebook that I had ordered 6 months ago!! So you could say that I'm happy :-D

I'm very happy with the paintjob Michael did and considering my lack of spare time for longer painting projects these days it was an efficient way for me to get some painted models. There are lots of individual models that became instant favorites of mine, but I also feel that I need to compliment Michael for taking the time to paint some fricking awesome shields for my viking warriors!

When I planned the project earlier this year the idea was to go for Viking, Jomsviking and Anglo-Danish minis so that I could mix and match army lists for those three factions. I will probably add 2 more points in the near future to allow me to field two 6 point warbands at the same time.

The collection is made up of the following troops:

3 Warlords (Viking/Jomsviking/Anglo-Danish)
1 unit of Viking Levy Archers
3 Warrior units (Viking/Jomsviking/Anglo-Danish)
1 Viking Berserker unit
3 Viking/Jomsviking Hearthguards units
2 Anglo-Danish Hearthguards with Dane axes

The units should allow me to field 6 point army lists for all three factions.

I'm really excited about starting to play SAGA, though I also ordered (on a whim) a set of rules called "Blood Eagle" which is some kind of small scale skirmish 5-15 models game with both historical and viking mythology elements. Info on the game was scarce but to get the most out of my collection I did not hesitate to pick up another set of rules. I already had in mind looking over Brink of Battle and Strange Aeons again for some kind of "viking fantasy" hybrid since I have quite a collection of monsters in 28mm.

Here are pictures of my viking collection:

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