08 October 2016

SAGA Warlod challenge AAR

Tried out my freshly painted up SAGA miniatures with Caroline today, she got to try her Anglo-Danes and I ran Vikings. A small 4 point fight using the Warlord Challange scenario in which each warlord has 12 wounds and the  game is played over 7 turns or until one warlord is killed.
Should no warlord die before the end of turn 7, the player with the least wounded warlord wins. Should both die simoultanously, then
the game ends a draw.

My 4 point Viking list:

Viking warlord, hand weapon and shield
1x Hearthguard
1x Hearthguard Bersekers
1x Warriors
1x Levy Archers
5 SAGA dice

Caroline's 4 point Anglo-Danish list

Anglo-Danish warlord with dane axe
2x Hearthguard with Dane axes

2x Warrior units
6 SAGA dice

The game starts with both warlords in the center of the battlefiend in short distance from each other, which ensures that they will be locked in combat with each other for most of the game due to the "warlords pride" rule where you always have to attack an enemy warlord within movement range at when using a movement action.

The rest of our warbands are deployed along the table edge, up to a "medium" length onto the table.

My vikings end up as the first player and I'm off to a great start with my SAGA dice - unlocking an ability that gives me 4 extra attack dice which for my warlord when charging the Anglo-Danish warlord. Despite the  hail of blows only 1 wound is inflicted, and in the subsequent enemy turn the Danish warlord hits back scoring 2 wounds. A brief pause takes place as neither warlord wants to advance closer now when enemy warriors and hearthguards start to mass behind their leaders. Instead both warlords rest and remove fatigue before throwing themselves and their soldiers against each other.

Viking and Anglo-Danish hearthguard clash and massacre each other, with the result of a unit of Viking hearthguard being wiped out, and leaving only a single Anglo-Danish hearthguard from the attacking unit standing after the dust settles. The Vikings lose 1 SAGA die due to this defeat. Meanwhile warriors from both sides clash, but this time the Vikings force the enemy to give up some ground and leaving two men dead.

Both warlords clash repeatedly while fighting occurs around them, they are left alone to fight their own duel. Hits are scored on both leaders, blood spilling out of multiple wounds. The Viking warlord tires himself allowing the Anglo-Danish leader to get the upper hand and land more blows.

At this point Viking berserkers attack and wipe out the last member of the enemy hearthguard with Dane axes, reducing the enemy SAGA pool by one. The lone Anglo-Dane managed to slay one berserker with his counterattack however, and as the Berserkers were catching their breath after the brief fight they are attacked by the second Anglo-Danish hearthguard. Crazed berserkers flail their weapons around while the Anglo-Danes swing their two handed axes wide. The number of hits on both sides, increased by the fatigue already slowing down the Berserkers, makes for another bloodbath and both units are reduced nothing. Both sides lose one more SAGA die each.

Viking warriors continue to push their enemy counterpart in yet another melee, killing two more enemy soldiers, losing one member of their own unit. Viking archers take aim and unleash a poorly aimed volley, only managing to kill a single enemy warrior.

Now the Anglo-Danes counterattack, hitting the Viking warriors from two sides in separate assaults pushing the Vikings back leaving a trail of their comrades behind them. The Viking archers do their best but their attacks don't do enough damage to prevent a final blow that destroys the viking warriors leaving the Viking warlord alone with a bunch of very worried levies at his side.

By this point the Anglo-Danish warlord had suffered 8 wounds, and the Viking warlord was down 10 wounds. In a  final suicidal charge the Viking warlord lunged at his opponent, scoring 5 hits, while the Anglo-Danish leader only managed to land a single blow. Ignoring the first wound the Viking warlord triumphed over his enemy who failed 4 saves and got killed by the end of turn five!

A lucky break for the Vikings which were down to only the Warlord and a unit of levies, with a total of 2 SAGA dice. Once more turn and the enemy warriors would swarm the remaining Vikings.

Caroline really loved the game as she both likes the historical period and the fastpaced gameplay where "things actually happen each turn". I also enjoyed the game and look forward to playing more SAGA soon.


  1. Nice report! That scenario is always a blast. Mini's look great too.

  2. Great report, easy to follow and focusing on all the right parts of the action. And some great looking models and terrain as well!


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