30 November 2016

Blood Bowl Dark Elf team painted up

It's been a long time since I posted something on the blog. It is mainly due to a camera incident a couple of weeks back when I tried to get good pictures of some newly painted minis but kept having dark and unfocused pictures despite creating good lightning conditions and backdrops for the minis. I got so fed up that I gave up on my attempts to photograph miniatures for the time being, at least in my home.

However as a bunch of freshly painted up projects have accumulated it would be a shame not to share something. Again the pictures turned out to be ´far from what I would deem as "good" but at least they represent the paintjobs well enough.

With the new release of the 2016 edition of Blood Bowl (which I hope will arrive by mail tomorrow) I also ordered 3 new teams from Black Scorpion Miniatures, Skaven, Dwarf and Dark Elves.

The packs contain 11 players which is the bare minimum, and there are boosters so you can expand with additional linemen etc. At the time of my purchase I limited myself to basic 11 player teams, with the exception of adding a Rat Ogre for the Skaven. The price for the teams is roughly 22Euro which is fair imo. The material is a (imo) good quality type of resin. It is not brittle and it cleans easy. 

I started by painting the Dark Elves since I figured they would require the most time being the most complex models of the 3. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. The team is not optimal, and is quite expensive in cash leaving pretty much no room for re-rolls with its 2 Blitzers, 2 Runners, 2 Witch Elves, 3 Linemen, 2 Assassins.

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  1. Nice minis beautifully painted. DE are one of the few teams I dont own...yet!


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