15 January 2017

Blood Bowl Skaven team painted up

Third and last team from Black Scorpion Miniatures painted up. Had these painted for a couple of weeks but had not finished the bases on them until now, there is also a backlog of boardgames and miniature wargames posts that I need to write and post - I have not been very active lately but will try to increase the number of posts on the blog once again.

The Skaven team from Black Scorpion Miniatures is decent in the makeup, with 2 runners, 2 blitzers, 1 catcher and 6 Linemen. The Rat Ogre is a separate add-on that I purchased. You should probably buy more runners to make it more competitive but it does work quite OK as it is.

I'm pretty happy with the skin on the rats which was painted using both "Lifecolor" skintones with a "Citadel" Ratsjub Flesh at the very middle of the skin palette.

The way the skin is painted was using the following "Lifecolor"  Diorama series flesh paints. This particular set of paints includes: 
  • UA 707 Flesh 2° Light
  • UA 708 Flesh 1° Light
  • UA 709 Flesh 1° Base
  • UA 710 Flesh 2° Base
  • UA 711 Flesh 1° Shadow
  • UA 712 Flesh 2° Shadow
Not all of those paints have been used for the rats, but I can highly recommend the paints as they are fantastic for painting flesh and give a great result.

1) Undercoat Flesh 2nd Shadow
2) Basecoat Flesh 1st Shadow 
3) 50-50 mix of Flesh 1 shadow and flesh 2nd base
4) Citadel Ratskin Flesh
5) Flesh 1st Base
6) 50-50 mix of Flesh 1st base and Flesh 1st light
7) Final highlights of areas around eye, lips etc with Flesh 1st Light

Finally a size comparison between the races from Black Scorpion Miniatures


  1. Snyggt målat, som alltid. Du är bra på att få fram detaljerna i figurerna.
    Black Scorpion gör ju bra grejer som är trevliga att måla; bra med detaljer och inget som behöver skäras bort innan.


    1. Tack, det är riktigt trevliga modeller, rekommenderas starkt - och billiga med runt 200kr för ett lag på 11 spelare.

  2. the flesh really stands out on these. Thanks for sharing your techniques.


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