24 January 2017

Frostgrave ghouls, zombies and orcs

When I started out with Frostgrave I picked up the "Undead encounters" pack from Mantic Games which was made up of various ghouls, skeletons and zombies to give players their share of undead encounters for Frostgrave scenarios.

A couple of months ago I painted them all up but could not get good enough pictures to share, but then made a new attempt recently and found the quality of the pictures acceptable.

In this post I'll share the zombies and ghouls, you get 3 zombies and 4 ghouls in the pack.
I was also interested in the orcs and though no such enemy exists in Frostgrave (yet?) I figured I would get some use out of the models one way or another so I picked up a single sprue from Warlord Games and painted it up as well.

The models in this post were hastily painted as I got a bit frustrated with the models and didn't find these units too exciting to work with.

1 comment:

  1. they are all great minis and painted to the usual high level. i really like the orcs as they are of the lotr-style i like but the sculpting quality is so so..


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