30 January 2017

Mansion of Madness 2nd Edition: What Lies Within DLC review

This weekend Caroline and brought back Mansions of Madness to our gametable and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the app and saw that there was a downloadable expansion available called "What lies within".

This was exactly the thing I wanted when I reviewed the game a while back, and had hoped for this development for boardgames that are app driven. Though the price was perhaps on the expensive end of the spectrum with roughly 70SEK for a new story without any new components it was still worth it having played it through.

What lies within is a medium length scenario, 120-150 minutes to complete it, and I will not spoil the contents of the investiagion more than necessary. Suffice to say that this is another mystery driven scenario with lots of investigation before the climax - just the type of scenario that Caroline and I enjoy the most.

It offered a good story and enjoyable gameplay, it also used the app to great effect once again proving that this game is unmatched in the department.

The story in this scenario is that there was a murder in the middle of the night and the police arriving at the scene fled due to supernatural events taking place in the mansion - as you will soon realize yourself. From there it is a tense slow cooker as you unfold the mystery and secret of the murder victim and the house itself. The scenario is quite difficult, and we ultimately failed but I instantly regard this as one of my favorite available MoM: 2nd edition scenarios from what you get in the base game along with the additional scenario you can play if you have components from MoM: 1st edition.

Fantasy Flight Games did a clever move here and expanded upon a game without having you buying more parts or sets. I think that the game will see both physical and digital releases in the future as you will at some point want to get more investigators and monster types - but the digital add-ons will allow FFG to expand the game with minumal risk and low production cost which in the end will most likely result in more content than a game would normally get during its lifespan.

Mansionf of Madness 2nd edition: What Lies Within DLC scores 9/10


  1. It was indeed a splendid game. Looking forward to giving it a new try, when next you have the time!


  2. i really like the new, app driven game of MoM. it uses the app when it is right and leaves it alone when its not needed.


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