20 January 2017

Scrap Mecha fighting in MUTANT universe

A while back I visited my friend Thomas and tried out another of his homebrewed games/rules. The idea was to build a mech-fighting game in the world of MUTANT as a companion to MUTANT:Kriget, but focus mainly on large machines bashing each other and throwing objects around on the table.

Much of the core mechanics differ from the previous game which focuses on skirmish warbands, this game borrows ideas and builds heavily on the activation system of the boardgame Dead of Winter. In Dead of Winter you have characters who have abilities that can be activated on certain D6 results, and you generate a pool of resources to pick from each turn. In this game likewise you roll some D6 dice at the start of the game equal to the power level of the mecha and then distribute it as you see fit, depending on what you want to do each turn. Action consist of walking, running, picking up/manipulating/throwing objects, shooting, reloading etc.

Each part of the mech also has several armor values depending if you hit the soft rear or the hard front area, parts can break and your mecha can start losing power making activation more difficult and you can also run out of ammunition and such. It was a very well developed and detailed set of rules, and Thomas had managed once again to make a game from scratch that felt like a ready to be sold product. It would be wonderful if he could gather his ideas in a book and sell them, maybe I can talk him into running a Kickstarter or something :-D

In our demo run we tried a mexican standoff with 3 individual mechas. Despite their different looks they all worked in the same way as we were testing the basic builds to see what needed tweaking. The idea is to make mechas of different tonnage to make close combat assaults favor heavier mechs when ramming, and make lighter mechs more nimble. All models are kitbashed custom vehicles that Thomas built himself.

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. That was a good looking game and I wait patiently to see the rules.

  2. I am doing my best to motivate Thomas to finish his rules and publish them somehow - a difficult task since he finds editing and compiling this boring. His strength is creating and firing things up.

  3. Hi Anatoli, that looks great!
    I have that same exact yellow mecha (bought it secondhand because it looked badass) but have no ideia of what is is, do you, or your friend Thomas, know its name and/or manufacturer? Thanks :)

  4. Hi! The yellow mecha is from a limited edition of one of the command and conquer games. I saw one in a game store ages ago and knew that I wanted it but buying the game to
    Get it wasn't an option. I found
    Mine at a thrift store too:)
    I just weathered mine so I kept the original paint job and decals. It works:)


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