09 February 2017

Gladiator rules based on "Blood Eagle" preview

I've been working over the past week with a Gladiator themed modification for Blood Eagle that turned into something bigger as I began compiling ideas.

The idea of the game, which is heavily based on Blood Eagle, but which has ideas from both "SAGA" and the Warhammer Historical "Gladiator", was to provide skirmish size fights that were interesting enough to play as a campaign.

The problem as I see with Gladiator rules is that you have a small play area, and fighters pretty much move into contact and bash each other until one dies. If done with no deeper finesse then that can be extremely boring or way to straight forward.

So after I had purchased the Blood Eagle rules I began playing with several ideas, and since I have a nice collection of painted up Gladiators from way back I decided to try out a few ideas which generated more ideas which generated something of a home cooked ruleset.

I will post the rules for free download and free of charge once they are finished. At the moment all the rules for playing, equipment, points etc are in place, but I want to make a few additions for the campaign section. So far I think I have an interesting enough campaign core with advancement of Gladiators, buying and replacing fighters etc - but I also want to put together some scenarios to make it interesting because "fighting to death" is not really that appealing in the long run.

I think I borrowed the best of both Blood Eagle and SAGA, while the WH: Gladiator rules provided lots of information for weapons, gladiator profiles and campaign ideas.

Anyways, I wanted to share a small preview of the work, I will post again once this is finished.


  1. Excellent project. I agree about the idea of gaming gladiators is just fights and without a campaign or linked fights it may soon get boring. cheers

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