28 February 2017

Mutant trio for Scrappers

As soon as I got the review copy of Scrappers I started browsing various manufacturers for some fitting models. A relatively cheap solution would have been to convert some cultist from Osprey's "Frostgrave" set that i had purchased earlier, but with no good  conversion bits at home I searched for other sources of ragged looking mutant.  I found pretty much what I was looking for in Games Workshp's "Chaos Cultists", and also stumbled upon the great looking models for the Tyranid "Genestealer Neophytes". So while I may be doing additions later on, these two packs are what I will base my core "Gamma Lords" warband on for Scrappers,

Scrappers uses 3-15 models per side, and a faction crew must be made up of 1 leader, 2+ troopers and 0-2 veterans. This trio will make up my elites of the leader and the veterans. I will paint up the chaos cultists as mutant troopers next.

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