12 February 2017

Primus Palus gladiator rules free to download

I finished work on my homegrown Gladiator rules based heavily on the "Blood Eagle" rulebook as well as adding ideas from both SAGA and Warhammer Historical: Gladiator.

The end result is a skirmish game, primarily using D10's for rolling tests, use of activation points and fatigue management. As the game will mainly be used for skirmish sized battles with a group of Gladiators on each side I also wanted to add activation point management, which is presented in a shared activation point pool. All Gladiators on your team can use activation points from that pool, but fatigue and wounds limit how much they can activate each turn.

Gladiators are divided into levels, lowest being Tyro starting Gladiators and highest being the Primus Palus - champions of the arena. The higher level a Gladiator has the more wounds he can suffer, bring more activation points to the pool and have special hero points for re-rolling dice.

In a campaign mode the game offers leveling up your Gladiators if they survive enough fights, buying new Gladiators and gear, resting wounded and training idle Gladiators at your Ludus.

There are also 8 scenarios to get you started along with 3 victory condition variants for your campaign.

I did not add rules for animals or extended trait/skill sets but these may come in the future. I mainly wanting to finish the base rules and have a few games before adding more content.

Let me know what you think :-)

Download the rules PDF HERE

Download the Gladiator profile card sheet HERE


The rules are not meant to be sold since they are based on the work of other people. However if you want to show special appreciation of the content on this blog then you are always welcome to make a donation of your choosing to my PAYPAL: alexanderkawczynski@hotmail.com


  1. Thanks mate - I'll check them out.
    My buddy and I enjoy Jugula but it doesnt scratch the 1:1 matchup itch

    1. I've been eyeing Jugula myself but never took the leap to buy it, it's quite expensive with the rulebook + 2 sets of cards just to get started...

  2. Thanks for the rules. I've been looking for a set of gladiator rules but haven't liked what I've seen so far.

    Whose figures are you using? They look like Foundry.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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