18 April 2017

Organizing and accessorizing Frostgrave

Caroline and I had a couple of days off work and managed to play a couple of Frostgrave games this weekend. As Caroline likes this miniatures game the most, and we started playing the Thaw of the Lich king campaign I figured that we could do something to organize our games to make things a bit easier.

Two things were my main area of improvement - keeping track of all the spells you have access to, and quick reference of monster encounters.

The result was, after a couple of hours of work, a decent (still not finished) "wizard book". This was done by purchasing two thin binders in our local book store, and print out and insert all the wizard, soldiers, item and FAQ papers along with plastic pocket sheets from Ultra Pro where you can store the spells your wizard has knowledge of.

This alone saves time shuffling through the spell decks and storing wizard spells problems in between games.  The nice thing about the use of the plastic pocket sheets is that you can cut small pieces of matte tape and stick it on the outside and write with a ball pen the modified casting values.

My second project was to make monster cards, I had already made lots of simple stat cards in Microsoft Word for Blood Bowl, Muskets and Tomahawks etc that had the measurements of card sleeves. However, for Frostgrave I wanted something pretty and colorful. So a bit of searching the internet I found a site that allowed you to create your own Magic the Gathering cards for free. Perfect!

So I searched for artwork matching the monster profiles in the Frostgrave core rulebook and the Thaw of the Lich king (leaving out a few monster profiles that I do not fancy) and then used that artwork for the MtG card creator. Typing monster stats and special rules on the cards, then saving each card as a png file on my hard drive. After this was done I wanted to print full color sheets at my work, so I fired up Microsoft Word and dragged and dropped all cards into a single file, using the picture editing tools to resize the cards in centimeters to fit my card sleeves and arranged the cards 3x3 on each page.

Finally after having printed the sheets, I cut the cards out, and put them in Ultra Pro card sleeves with black backs (inspired by my friend Thomas who have used the same sleeves to great effect). The back of the sleeves help blend in the card as well as add some stability to the card itself. And if you want to draw monsters at random instead of rolling on the monster table in the book then you can just draw random cards facing down from a pile.

It would be great to print out magic items, potions etc, and but them in smaller sleeves but that could prove to be a lot more work than it's worth, those items are often self explanatory.


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