02 May 2017

Additional Frostgrave soldiers painted up

To boost the number of available "for hire" soldiers, and also to finally paint up the entire "Frostgrave soldiers" box I put together the last couple of minis about a week ago. I wanted some new unit types so I converted a tracker, an apothecary, a thug and a treasure hunter. I'm particularly pleased with the apothecary, which I equipped with some bottles from a "tavern bottles/mugs/food trays" blister I had lying about. I also built one more infatryman, bowman. I also found a metal dog from what I think was an old West Wind blister that I bought for Empire of the Dead with civilians - the dog will serve as a recruitable wardog.

Also, two more pictures of the Frostgrave Cultists (Death cultists) with better lightning.

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