08 May 2017

Bear and Boar painted up

Adding some more wild animals to my collection, primarily for Frostgrave use but it would be great to play a Revenant type scenario with my French & Indian war collection.

The boar is from the Frostgrave range, quite nice model and took me less than 30 minutes to paint. Will try to get the accompanying giant rats from the same blister painted up later this week.

The bear is a plastic mini from the Dungeon & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon boardgame. I cut away the molded base and stuck it on a 40mm flat base from renedra. Trimming the mold lines was difficult with the knife I have since the material of the D&D boardgame minis is like a mix of plastic and rubber which does not lend itself to easy trimming.

Had a good time painting the bear, a process that took less than an hour. I look forward to adding both creatures to our Frostgrave games, finally spells like animal companion and control animal will get useful.

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