30 July 2017

Frostgrave: Lair of the Ghoul King AAR

A while back Caroline and I played a few linked scenarios from the Lich lord campaign book, I will post a summary and pictures from those games over the next couple of days.

For the Lair of the Ghoul king scenario we used dungeon tiles from D&D: Wrath of Ashardalon board game along with some furniture and terrain pieces to block line of sight. The black edges were treated as walls and also blocked line of sight, we kept track of the LoS using a laser pointer from above to trace shots and magic during the game.

The scenario was a blast, I wish we had a larger play area, but what we had was sufficient enough.

Both warbands started in opposite corners of the dungeon, with trapdoor markers placed on the board to show points from where ghouls would appear during the game. Each player also had two ghouls that could "drop from the ceiling" onto the opponent at his disposal, to be freely used during the game.

This was a game where my catalogue of spells was of little use, except for pulling objects and placing smoke. Caroline on the other hand dropped explosive runes left and right, keeping ghouls at bay. Both warbands approached the center chamber and the ghoul king at brisk pace, the ghoul king himself was hit by two arrows before a combined attack from my henchmen brought him down in a lucky attack move.

It was only after the ghoul king died that all hell broke loose, with ghouls jumping down from the ceiling and appearing from trap doors each turn. In the tight hallways of the dungeon it was difficult to maneuver the whole warband efficiently and members on both sides started  to become casualties to blood crazed ghouls. My warband lost 5 members in the madness, including my templar and apprentice wizard! Fortunately, the post game sequence was kind and most of them ended up with minor wounds or complete recovery!

Caroline was more lucky and only lost 2 members, who also recovered without problem post game. She also managed to haul more treasure tokens off the board after finding the secret exit. All in all a very exciting Frostgrave encounter!


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