10 August 2017

Blood Bowl Orc team painted up

Like many other Blood Bowl fans I bought the latest edition of the game when it was released, but since the purchase I focused on painting up other teams than the Orcs and Humans that came in the boxed set. After a long time, and with other stuff on my painting table and real life sucking away painting time, I finally sent the Orcs to be commission painted by Michael Sehl ("Michi" on the Lead Adventure Forum). Michael had previously painted up almost my entire SAGA collection to a highly satisfying end result so I entrusted the project to him. Michael had not painted any fantasy minis before, but I liked his brushwork and style and thought it would fit the Blood Bowl Orcs nicely.

I'm happy with the result, he painted up the Orcs according to my specifications. I only did some light touch ups of the skin, and added the player position text and static grass to the bases.

As some of you may notice the players look slightly different than those from the boxed set, this is because I trimmed away A LOT of spikes, razor blades and chest armor plates on the models to make them look more like players and less like Warhammer Fantasy Battles Khorner berzerkers...

Now I have another playable team. The troll player is a metal Black Scorpion Miniatures troll which I had painted up for years - now it can finally be part of a team. 

The pictures are taken with my new phone, still trying to figure out the camera settings. It does unfortunately not have camera stabilizer, but it should take better pictures than during the final days of my old phone (which I brought with me down into a swimming pool on my vacation... why do they put pockets in swimming shorts!!?).

Last picture shows the original look of the models. I cut away the chestplate on all 6 linemen, trimmed away all spikes from shoes and most razroblades from the armor and helmets.

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  1. Gorgeous work! I like the adjustments you have made to their armour


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