08 August 2017

Frostgrave: Total eclipse AAR

First scenario from the Lich lord campaign for Frostgrave - a rather straight forward encounter with a solar eclipse taking place in the midle of the game. Other than that the standard run and grab treasure on the board. Still a good game, we had a banshee appear and harass Caroline's warband - that was pretty brutal as no henchman had any magic weapons to kill her.

We started the campaign using our already leveled up and ready to go warbands from earlier. It feels like it was the right decision. Interestingly enough our warbands and wizards are heading into different directions, I had very bad luck in terms of acquiring new spells - so mostly focused on upgrading the stats of my wizard and making existing spells become easier to cast. Caroline on the other hand is plowing through the game spells like crazy accumulating nearly twice the amount of spells that I have - we had a nice moment when she mocked my wizard and said "isn't the game is about spells after all?". That was after I commented on my poor array of spells. However the spells my wizard knows, he knows real well at this point. At the snap of the finger he casts smoke, magic weapons and armor, jumps and pulls objects towards himself with telekinesis. Good times!

This was also one of the games played before I had painted up my new treasure tokens, we still used the coffins and boxes to represent treasure markers.

The scenario ended a draw in terms of salvaged treasure and both warbands got away without serious injury this time even though the Banshee knocked out two henchmen from Caroline's warband.


  1. Very nice, man. And I like that it's isn't all snowy and cold. (I can't imagine making a set of winter-themed fantasy terrain.)

    1. I think few people went "Frost"grave with the game. The idea is very appealing, but this would also be the only snow themed game I would be playing and making an extra set of terrain for that purpose is not going to happen. Too much money already invested in terrain both at home and at the club where I play many of my games.


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