24 August 2017

Zombie horde painted up

I bought a box of Mantic Games zombies and Ghouls recently, to boost my collection of undead miniatures for various gaming ideas. I speedpainted the 39 zombies over the past 4 days, using the triple spray and drybrush technique I found online. It's a fast, simple and somewhat dirty way to paint up large numbers of zombies using mostly these steps (although I added some steps of my own):

1) Black primer undercoat
2) Dark flesh basecoat of the whole model
3) Bone white spray from a topdown angle to give the model preshade
4) Wash the mini generously with a dark brown wash
5) White primer highlight from a topdown angle
6) Wash the mini again with dark brown, sepia, red and green washes - mixing the ratio as you see fit to get some color variation.
7) Drybrush the skin areas with colors like Khaki, Light grey, light flesh and rotting flesh depending on the desired appearance.
8) Blood is a mix of black and red paint, black and red wash, and a glossy " 'ardcoat" finish to get the sticky look.

They don't qualify for extreme close inspecion, and I'm not really favoring drybrushing as a painting method. But for painting hordes of undead where detail does not really matter this was a way for me to actually build 39 models and paint them over the course of a sunday afternoon and 3 evenings this week.

Next project will be painting up 20 ghouls.


  1. these look rally effective - great job

  2. Thanks guys, they will mix nicely with the ghouls that will be painted in a similar fashion but with a more "living" skin tone.

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