27 November 2017

The blog is not dead - yet?

Hi all,

I have not posted content for the past couple of months, it's not that I do not play miniature wargames or have a ton of new boardgames to review. The main reason for the radio silence is problems with my new cell phone camera on my Samsung 5. Someone at Samsung thought it would be a good idea to remove the image stabilizer for the camera... which means the pictures come out blurry or unfocused 70% of the time.

A few days ago I ordered a new compact camera for the sake of my blog. So that should solve the lack of content.

HOWEVER!? Then I get an email from Photobucket that tells me that my subscription to the 20gb account that I've had since the creation of this blog is no longer going to be renewed and they urge me to subscribe to a bigger and more expensive subscription model.
That would not be really bad news until I read what you get for your money. Unless you buy the most expensive subscription for 400 USD !!! You will not be able to hotlink pictures to sites, blogs, forums etc. This will basically kill my blog as we know it.

Unless you fork over 400USD you will not be able to hotlink pictures, and if I do not renew my photobucket account by February 2018 it will revert to the "free" account with a bandwidth limit of 2gb which I know from experience means that the pictures will stop working after a week (give or take a few days).

This is quite depressing, there is no way I'm going to be taken hostage by Photobucket and pay 400USD to be allowed to post pictures on my own blog. I've looked into alternatives, and I may subscribe to Google+ photo account which seems like a reasonably priced alternative and hopefully less greedy.

However, I have honestly no clue what will happen to my old content after February.... years of blog posts, reviews, pictures etc will most likely cease to function properly :-(

So just a heads up. I'm working on a solution for the future, but things may go missing during the transition...


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  2. That sucks dude. Same thing here with the photo bucket bull. let us know how the google thing works out for you.

    1. Will do, I will tinker with the new options this weekend. Hopefully my new camera will have arrived by then as well so I can post something new while I'm at it :)

  3. Heya, you can consider moving your files to another storage solution like Amazon S3. You can store and serve as much as you want only pay for what you use (which should be definitely less than 400 USD/month...). They have a calculator online (calculator.s3.amazonaws.com) so you can see for your self.


    1. Thanks for the tip Yohan, I will check it out.

  4. Sorry to hear that Anatoli - it sux! I have all my blog pics in Google - perhaps you may wish to investigate that?

  5. You don't seem to be the only one with the same problem.
    I upload pics directly into the Blogger post just to avoid things like this. Could be an idea to download everything from Photobucket and reload them directly into the respective post, but that would be a gigantic and boring task.

    1. With 22.000 pictures it won't happen if I have to do it manually, it would take weeks...

      I'm trying to figure out a way to swap the URL from photobucket to my new host but so far with little luck.

    2. Slacker :-D
      Hmm, that's is a hurdle, for sure.


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