30 December 2017

Forest trolls

After a very long break from painting, (due to lack of time, lack of inspiration, and lack of interesting minis to paint), I painted up two trolls form Red Box Games. I purchased a bunch of Red Box Games models from the Hasslefree miniatures clearance in November, intending to use goblins, orcs and trolls as additions to a future Viking fantasy setting for the "Blood Eagle" ruleset. They can of course also be used as trolls for Frostgrave.

This is all heavily inspired by fellow blogger KampfgruppeEngel and his "Skägglavsfantasy" collection which spurred the idea of doing something similar myself.

Anyway, there were problems with the shipping from Hasslefree and the miniatures I ordered in early November showed up just a couple of days ago. On the bright side Hasslefree added a bunch of freebe minis from the Red Box Miniatures range as well as their own line of products. I really look forward to painting up the rest of the minis, the goblins are truly and suitably tiny!

Anyway, here are a couple of photos showing the forest trolls (resin models) painted up. The pictures were taken just a few moments ago late at night so the lightning may not be the best. Also added to show the size of the trolls are two Northstar Games Frostgrave miniatures, a SAGA bannerman and a Mantic Games Zombie. The trolls have a nice size to them compared to man sized models.


  1. the birch treee club is truly stunning!

  2. Thanks guys :)
    I love these models and have been wanting to buy them for a long time - though the price and delivery cost from Red Box games kept me back. Fortunately Hasslefree had a clearance sale on the range so I bought what I could get my hands on :D

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