08 December 2017

The blog is saved!!!

With help from one of my readers, a friend at work and a mindblowing online tool I managed to save my blog away from being killed by the new Photobucket terms.

I registered a new host with one.com, also registering the domain "anatolisgameroom.com" for future use. Copied my entire Photobucket catalogue of 22.000+ pictures, uploaded it all in identical folders at one.com and used "Blogger Find & Replace" tool to swap the image links in over 1400 blog posts in just under 20 minutes!

It is a huge sigh of relief. I was ready to abandon this altogether, even felt that purchasing my new camera was made pointless.

I checked and it all looks like it is working, I don't think i lost anything major in terms of content. During testing of the swap procedure there were problems where picture links were swapped but thumbnails remained locked to photobucket. This was solved by running the tool again to cover both http and https links.

The blog seems to load things slightly slower, but on the other hand - pictures are shown without resize (unless I uploaded them resized). This is because my photobucket was resizing pictures while the one.com host does show them in full size. Now you can enjoy a very large amount of posts with better pictures!

I still can't believe I made it, I will take a day to process this and then start uploading new content using my new host.

Thanks for the support!


  1. Glad to see the blog saved. Had the same issues with photobucket

  2. Awesome to see you escaped the Photobucket fiasco. I've lurked your blog for ages and was disgusted when I visited recently and saw they had been grubbing you like that. Congratulations.

  3. Pleased to see that it's here to stay!


  4. Glad to have been of service. An unexpected bonus of the whole affair is that I now can enjoy your old posts in higher resolution!


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