25 December 2017

The September War part II released!

Last week I received an email from Robert Avery over at Vis Lardica telling me that he had put the finishing touches to the second half of the adaptation of my Flames of War campaign book "The September campaign: Poland in Flames".

The September War: Part 2, includes the second half of my stuff, very well adapted, reworked and in some places rewritten to fit into the "I aint been shot mum" ruleset. While Part 1 focused on the Polish missions and operations, part 2 focus on the German and Soviet missions and operations.

A great reversed point of view, allowing players to follow the invading armies during the campaign.

Robert also adapted the two standalone scenarios focusing on the isolated battles of Westerplatte and the defense of the Hel peninsula. A ton of work has gone into adapting unit rosters, stats etc and translate it from Flames of War into the Too Fat Lardies "I aint been shot mum" ruleset.

"Divided into six mini-campaigns, the pack begins with four mini-campaigns based on specific German units: Panzerdivision Kempf, the 1st GebirgsjaegerDivision, the 4th Panzer Division, and the 1st Kavallerie Brigade. Then there are two mini-campaigns based on the Soviet invasion of Poland: the Belorussian Front and the Ukrainian Front. Finally there are two stand-alone battles: Westerplatte and the Hel Peninsula.

As always, there are attacks, counter-attacks, encounter battles, and desperate defences, all containing a whole host of useful scenario mechanics that can be re-used elsewhere.

No need for any preparation: each scenario contains a brief background history, maps, a full game briefing, and a full briefing for each player. Simply print out the pages you need, make up the deck from the list of cards required, unpack your figures and dice, set up the table and away you go!"

The campaign book goes for £9.95 HERE

List of scenarios in this book can be seen HERE

Sample scenario briefing can be seen HERE

As a taste of what you can expect in the book, Robert has posted a battle report of the battle of Jablon on his site HERE

"With the launch of the second half of The September War, my scenario pack for Poland 1939, I thought it was time to do some last minute play-testing. The scenario chosen was #58: Jablon.

It's late September 1939. The surprise Soviet invasion has shattered the Polish border troops left in the east of the country. All looks lost, so any remaining Polish formations have been ordered to break for the nearest border with a neutral country so the fight can continue at a later date. Soviet columns drive deep into Poland hunting out the fleeing Poles. Isolated Polish units engage and block these Soviet columns wherever they can, trying to hold them off for long enough for the bulk of their comrades to escape.
One such encounter took place on 28th September, with a contingent of mixed Polish troops (border troops, dismounted cavalry, naval infantry) trying to hold the advancing Soviets at bay in and near the village of Jablon."

I would encourage anyone interested in the early part of WW2 to take a look. Robert did a fine job putting this together. It was a huge amount of work to create the original campaign book and compile the orders of battle, and I can only imagine the amount of work he had to put into these two books.

The scenarios, operations and background stories in both volumes are well written enough for you to use along with other rule systems if you don't play "I aint been shot mum".

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