03 December 2017

Transfer of content in progress - fingers crossed it will work

After some great help from my readers, especially Geir Aalberg, I am in the progress of transferring all pictures from Photobucket to Google Photos (purchased the 100gb storage) and will use a tool to replace all photobucket links with new links automatically.

Will see if this can be done today, otherwise I will keep working with this during the week. It's a huge undertaking as I have over 22.000 pictures on photobucket that are blog related...

But with the tools, bulk downloading and link replacement it will at least be done within reasonable time and not require single photo donwload/upload/link/re-editing of every single picture I have.

Also, my new camera arrived this friday, it's a small and cheap thing but the picture quality was better than imagined and it has a stabilizer function. So as soon as the whole project of transfering content from photobucket to blogger is done I will start uploading stuff again!


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