12 January 2018

Custom playmats from Inked Playmats review

As I received the Arkham Horror: The card game for Christmas I soon realized that I wanted  a visual tabletop aid for organizing player areas. Ideally like the awesome playmat that accompanies the one in Legendary Encounters Alien: A deck building game.

I stumbled upon Inked Playmats by browsing BoardGameGeek files section for Arkham Horror: The card game. One user had made his own custom playmats by combining his excellent high resolution artwork with the mouse pad-like material offered by Inked Playmays.

Browsing the homepage of the manufacturer a lot of choices are presented, you can get rectangular, square etc shapes in a wide variety of sizes. My brain almost overloaded with games I own that could benefit from something like this. But I wanted to start out with a small order. Inked Playmats were kind enough to sponsor the blog by giving a discount on my order after I approached them with a review proposition.

I placed an order for two game mats with artwork for player areas for Arkham Horror the card game, and one playmat with a Cthulhu/Lovecraft inspired background to be used as the play area for story, events and location cards. I also figured that last playmat would work well for rolling dice against an atmospheric backdrop in roleplaying games such as Call of Cthulhu or Trail of Cthulhu.

The playmats arrived today, shipping tipe from Oregon USA to Sweden took about 2 weeks. The price is imo very fair at 25USD apiece. The size of these 3 are 14" x 24" which was the recommended size for the Arkham Horror player area artwork I found on BoardGameGeek.

The print on the mats is high quality, the material is high durability and washable. The front is smooth fabric, the rear is rubber to prevent the playmat to slide around on the table.

It rolls up nicely for as well and the playmats come in a cardboard tube for easy storage.

I'm very happy with the product and shipping time. The only thing that was bad was that the shipping to Sweden was hit by customs and postal service fees. I would love to order from Inked Playmats again, but would probably pool together with a friend or two to split the fees and shipping cost.
Inked Playmats - Highly recommended! You can check out their store by clicking the company logo.


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