13 January 2018

Frostgrave: Battle on the river AAR

You may have noticed that no game of Frostgrave posted on this blog has been especially "frosty" or included any kind of snow landscape. It was an early decision on my part, as I think the snow is extremely nice and cool - but it limits the models I would purchase to a specific setting. This is why I went with the regular "green grass" bases.

Of course this calls for a bit of creativity when interpreting some of the Frostgrave scenarios, such as this one - Battle on the river. It should take place on a frozen river - our game took place in a flooded swamp. Wrecks frozen in place in the river were made into ruined buildings decaying in the swamp. The whole area between the roads on both sides of the table were treated as a flooded swamp, using the exact same rules as for the original scenario. It worked well. The scenario itself was also pretty fun. This was however played before I had finished off my special models for the bad guys such as cultists and the Lich king himself so we had to proxy the villain in the center of the table - using a miniature of an orc. My warband came out on top on this scenario, managing to snatch the special treasure carried by the main badguy - who I "heroically" killed after Caroline had brought him to near death with her own henchmen :-D

The scenario itself was nothing special, but it still made for an enjoyable game of Frostgrave.

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