24 January 2018

Gaming mat from Deep Cut Studio review

I'm in the process of upgrading and improving my terrain collection, and living in an apartment storage space is always an issue. Over the past few years my board for gaming has been made up of MDF modules with sand and static grass, Games Workshop grassy field mat and I also had a few modules made of foam board with flock and sand. 

Most of the stuff has been worn out or disposed of because of storage space limitations. Now as I moved my terrain back from the gaming club into my apartment for the sake of more convenient and spontaneous gaming opportunities I browsed the internet for some alternative.

I stumbled upon the mouse pad material game mats from Deep Cut Studio. I had tried their PVC gaming mats and liked the artwork and print, and the easy roll up storage possibility. The PVC material is however slightly glossy and light from lamps and camera flashes can create a glossy effect that is distracting. I have not had any experience with mouse pad material gaming mats on this level before. The only experience I have is the recently received two custom made small mouse pad material player inventory sheets for Arkham Horror the card game that I received from another manufacturer. Those gaming mats however gave me an insight into the potential of the material.

So I contacted Deep Cut Studio and asked if they would be interested in supporting the blog with a review sample of a 6x4' mat. I received it a couple of days ago and have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the material and the print.

The print has a matt finish which prevents any glossy effect from lamps. The artwork is also not photo realistic but has a style that matches painted models and terrain very well. The print on this particular mat, the "Muddy field", has some fantastic amount of detail and the detail is printed in such a way that it has a slight 3D effect despite being a flat surface.

The weight of the 6x4 mat is about 4kg which is pretty light weight compared to MDF and the like, and it also rolls up very nicely for effective storage (save the cardboard box!). The homepage also states that you can wash the mat if you would spill your drink or the like on it. I have not tried that myself but I have read that other people have done so without loss of print.

The weight and rubber back of the mat keeps it firmly on the table, it is impossible to tear it down from the table by accident, it would have to be with a lot of force. Also, the mat is soft so accidentaly dropping or tipping over miniatures in metal on this game mat does not result in chipped paint!

With the great experience of the "muddy fields" I will definitely look into trying to get a few more designs, probably smaller size 4x4 or 3x3' for Frostgrave and other skirmish games that use smaller tables.

I should mention the shipping time, I received the mat directly from the manufacturer in Lithuania, it took 1 week to get it (I live in Sweden) so imo it was a fast delivery.

If this sounds and looks interesting to you then make a visit at Deep Cut Studio and check what other designs they have (there are a lot). They cover most genres of both outdoor, indoor, space, sea and land themed mats.

You can check out Deep Cut Studio by clicking the logo 

You can also check my video review in the video below for a more in depth look at the mat

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