21 January 2018

This War of Mine playthrough video part 2 of 2

Second (and final) part of the playthrough of This War of Mine.

As food and water shortage pushed the characters to their breaking point they also craved coffee and cigarettes to keep their hopes and morale up.

After a particularly nasty night raid and out of luck attempt at finding a trader during daytime all hope was lost.

I have not played the game since the summer and had forgotten a couple of the rules and how to optimize your daily activities. I should have put more effort into building furniture and fittings for the apartment early on to at least try to mitigate the water shortage. The game is very difficult however and of all the dozens of games I've played I think we only managed to survive twice for the ceasefire ending to occur.

The game is however oddly enough not about winning, and if you go into it with that mindset it is more acceptable to play it as a gaming experience rather than something you can beat with a determined strategy that can be applied every time you play. It has a lot of luck built into it, it's how you manage your daily actions and characters that can stabilize the everyday chaos of your survivors.

The best thing you can hope for is to become self sufficient with water as soon as possible and then begin to board up your place. Regardless, it is one of my favorite board games in my collection.

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