25 January 2018

Wheat fields with bases

Wheat fields made out of door mats is probably one of the most common terrain features that I know here in southern Sweden. You see them both in clubs and at tournaments or other events.

Most of the time it is enough to slice the door mat into desired shapes and place it directly on the table. However, fellow wargamer and a buddy of mine - Fredrik Carrasco, recently posted some smashing terrain pieces for SAGA over at his blog. This really put my mental wheels in motion and I checked with my other buddy Thomas who has a workshop in his garage if he could help me out with MDF board to use as bases for the fields.

Less than an hour's work of cutting and working on making the edges curved, sloping and smooth the bases were done. Back home, (on the floor), I glued the fields straight to the mdf bases and once they had dried in place I added PVA glue and sand along the edges.

Using Vallejo "Leather brown" spray I covered the sand areas in paint in a matter of minutes, and then it was just a matter of time for it to dry and air out before I went over the sand areas with a dry brush. Finally static grass was added. They look great, not as fantastic as the terrain pieces over at Fredrik's blog, but still a major upgrade and improvement over the regular door mat fields.

I'm still waiting for a large shipment of terrain to arrive from Wayland Games... I can't seem to have any luck with my orders from them as the last two orders took months to be assembled and sent to me.


  1. They look great and a heck of a lot easier than what I did... I actually scraped out the bristles from around the cut mat and then added flock... Ha!

  2. Great job, they look superb!

  3. That looks really good and excellent inspirations as I got two doormats squirreled away for just this.
    Really got to get a knife to them and mount them as you did.

  4. How do you get your static grass to look so good? In the past, I've tried it, and it just looks like clumps... I've never found the secret to using it yet...

    1. Hmm don't really know, for these fields I had a can of Army Painter field grass, and applied it generously onto the PVA and pressed it down into the glue before knocking off the excess.

      That's usually the way I do it. I think that gives it a thicker and more compact look than sprinkling it over PVA sticky areas.


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