25 February 2018

Forest denizens raiding a Viking hamlet AAR

Caroline and I played two games of Blood Eagle yesterday, it was the first time I've properly played the rules. Blood Eagle is a skirmish game that lends itself well for campaign gaming, and it features a bunch of folklore/fantasy elements as well. It did however not feature the exact type of profiles that I needed for trolls and goblins so I had to make my own unit profiles using the excellent unit and item creator within the game. I think I nailed the stats for the forest dwelling creatures quite well, and they were pretty balanced with the tweaked Viking villagers and champion we used for our 250pts game.

The troll, fireball throwing goblin shaman and the Viking champion all worked really well as the "heroes" on both sides.

So we played two scenarios from the rulebook, the first one being "The Raid" in which one side has to attack and break into the longhouse. Naturally the forest troll and goblins became the attackers and Vikings were set up to defend their dwellings. As the attackers emerged from the edge of the forest on both sides of the long house the Vikings committed most of their soldiers, though the Viking champion was held in reserve and archers attempted to pick off some of the attackers.

The goblins swarmed the defenders with their numbers, and used the rule of "mobbing" to improve their attacks against single defenders, it was silly fun and thematically accurate having the small creatures attempt to bring down their man sized foes. I also took a risk firing arrows into the ongoing melee, but managed to hit my own soldiers (killing one in the process!) as the arrows randomly hit a target in a ongoing melee. I thought I was safe as I was outnumbered but managed to his my own soldiers twice in the same shooting phase...

On the opposite side of the longhouse the goblin shaman fired off his fire magic, toasting a Viking, while the troll tied up two Viking villagers and knocked one unconscious and crushing the skull of the other. Committing my Viking champion that was held in reserve I quickly managed to dispatch a couple of goblins but the fight with the troll went on without a clear winner. In the meantime, the goblins back with the Viking archers managed to fight their way past the defenders, and rushed into the longhouse. The goblin shaman rushed in from the opposite side and the objective was achieved - having 3 units in the longhouse at the end of a game turn!

In our second game we used the  follow up scenario "Pursuit". The raiders had to make it off the opposite table corner with their loot from the longhouse, 5 models were designated as to carry the treasure while Viking reinforcements arrived from both sides of the opposite table corners.

The forest goblins and their troll moved relatively slowly as one big group and holed up in a small grove while the Vikings surrounded it and positioned archers to keep the goblins from escaping out in the open. After one turn of shooting and taking up positions, the Vikings attacked and a messy melee began that would last several turns. The fire magic of the goblin shaman fizzled out and he failed to cast fireballs several turns in a row. The goblins were a lot less lucky this time, and Viking arrows hit home despite the targets using the forest and their stealth skill for cover. Though the shooting favored the Vikings, the melee looked as if it would bring the goblins another victory. Both goblins and the troll killed several Vikings bringing themselves into numerical superiority. However, luck ran out and the remaining Vikings must have become blood crazed and goblin casualties began to stack up. In an attempt to tip the balance, the Viking champion attacked the troll - but was crushed by the large tree club. In a feat of worthy of a mushroom eating berserker one of the short sword armed villagers attacked and managed to bring down the troll, and then went on killing two more goblins. Ultimately all goblin raiders were killed - but the Vikings had but the troll killer and a single archer left when the fight was over. A pyrrhic victory.

We had great fun playing the games, fast paced and easy rules. We both agreed that the rules for splitting attacks from a single model onto several enemies and the mobbing rule were great. I need to paint up a few more things before a campaign can be played, and I also need to write up a few more profiles (for unarmed Draugr, Ghouls and a few more things that I have in my collection) so that we can play a "Saga" (campaign) using the campaign rules.


  1. Great write up and lovely photos! I have these rules but have yet to play them...glad to hear you had a good experience with them.

    1. Really recommend the rules Joe, I had Dragon Rampant as a potential backup if these would not work out. But fortunately the rules are really good. They limit themselves to about 300 point games which should give you about 10-15 models per side.

      I'm thinking of trying to bump that number of points to the double and see if the game can manage that as I have a horde of zombies and ghouls (I figure I would give them really crappy stats - but also keep them dangerous as a "horde").

  2. I'm in the same boat, I have the rules but have yet to give them a proper outing. Thanks for the AAR! nice photos and layout!

  3. Who makes the long house you have?

  4. This looks like a lot of fun, I've been building saga forces lately but this seems like it fits exactly what I've been looking for as well. Fantastic battle report, keep 'em coming!


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