14 February 2018

Lots of trees and forest bases finished

In early January I ordered a large amount of terrain for my personal collection. I primarily needed a decent amount of trees and forest bases to go with the upgraded terrain I had. I ordered both trees from 4Ground and found some nice large pine trees from Battlefield in a Box.

The 4Ground trees are affordable and come with both bases for the individual trees, as well as a forest area terrain base - and tree base inserts if you want to add that do your forest bases.

I skipped the tree inserts, I like the idea and it does look good with the tree bases being hidden into the larger forest base - but I have never found it practical during my games at the different clubs or when playing over at my friends. It is maybe not as good looking, but it makes less of a visual impact to slide a tree over to the side on the forest bases than to pluck a tree base out of a large hole and leave the forest base with a weird looking crater.

I'm also very happy that I managed to fix all the tree bases and forest bases in less than 2 hours. PVA glue and sanded the whole lot, and then used a can of black spray as a basecoat followed with a light coat of Leather Brown from Army Painter. With grass and flock added it looks really good. I was initially worried that I would have to paint the bases by hand using lots of paint and wear out some brushes in the process - and it would have taken a LOT longer. But this method worked better than I thought.

I also got some of the great looking 4Ground Dark Ages buildings for Viking and fantasy themed games, more of that will be posted later as I finish the remaining buildings.

I'm super happy how my terrain collection is coming together, and once again - a huge praise for the battle mat from Deep Cut Studio. It looks fantastic! You can't beat that look unless you make a custom table from scratch, but that's not an option for my apartment.


  1. Thanks Neil :)
    My wife said I had not looked so happy for a long time when I finished the terrain last night haha.

  2. You can never have enough trees. These are smartly done and nicely based.

  3. Any chance you'll be bringing them by the club in Lund at some point, and demo a game or two?


  4. Not likely Anders. Time nowadays is so limited that I withdrew all my terrain from a club in Lund and am stocking up with terrain at home for "home only" games.

    It was just too much of a hassle to drive to Lund for a quick game of Frostgrave or the like. 1/3 time spent on driving and packing, 1/3 on writing lists and preparing and 1/3 of the time on actual playing.

    Doing it all at home is more convenient at the moment.


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