17 February 2018

Saber & Blood Poles and Cossacks painted up

Some minis for the upcoming board game "Saber & Blood" painted up, the minis are all metal and great quality. They were great fun to paint and they work well with the Anno Domini 1666 range in terms of size and style (even though Anno Domini 1666 minis are a tiny bit bulkier).

I received a prototype copy of the Saber & Blood board game and a review will be posted soon. Basically the game is a card driven tavern brawl game, which also uses three types of fencing dice and command points. It's great fun. It's also has one of my favorite settings, 17th century central/eastern Europe. Core set come with Poles and Cossacks, there may be additional factions released as part of the upcoming Kickstarter which is set to launch soon.

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