08 March 2018

Blood Eagle: 57 custom made unit cards

I made a bunch of unit cards for Blood Eagle, similar to those I made for Frostgrave a while ago. The unit cards are a great way to quickly build your forces and to reference stats for all unit types and creatures on the table.

Unit cards are made with the "Magic the Gathering"-cardsmith and the artwork is from all over the internet. I'm not selling or making any profit otherwise from these cards, I simply made them for myself, and figured I could share them with others that are interested in using them.

Some of the profiles lack point specifications, these are "neutral" creatures that can't be included in warbands and that randomly appear on the table, or are part of an objective.

The 57 profiles cover most of my collection and include:

Aptrgangr and Draugr (undead)
Forest animals
Man eaters (orcs)
Jötunn (giants)
Dvergar (dwarfs)
Large monsters

To prepare them for printing you need to resize them to your desired format. My advice is that you drag and drop the pictures into a Microsoft Word document, then resize each picture according to the plastic sleeves that you're using.

In my case I'm using "Ultra Pro Deck Protector Sleeves with the size 66x91mm and with a black back.

You can download all the cards individually, or resized to 84,4mm x 60,5 mm from my google drive HERE


  1. You know what would be cool? You doing a video walk-through of using the card builder for Blood Eagle.

    1. Good idea Private Snafu, I might do that this weekend :)

    2. Cool, i'll eagerly await that. I could muddle through it but it's nice to have someone walk you through things like that.

  2. Replies
    1. could do some thing similar for your Dragon Rampant games too!

    2. I have not yet played Dragon Rampant, have the rules but had them as a backup in case Blood Eagle would not work out. However, I will make a tutorial on how you can use the "MTG cardsmith" to create cards for any game and post a video this weekend :)

  3. Those do look pretty cool. Neat! 😀

  4. Thank you. Very nice work and kind of you to share.

  5. Excellent work and generous, too - thanks!

  6. These are amazing! thank you so much!


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