30 March 2018

Double sided gamemat from Gamemat.eu review

Sometimes you stumble upon a company by the strangest coincidence. I was watching a "unboxing" video at the Dice Tower YouTube channel and they showed some stuff from Gamemat.eu which led me to checking out their site. Gamemat.eu is selling both gaming mats and ready to play painted terrain. I got in touch with the owners and they were kind enough to send me a review sample of a game mat as well as a pack of terrain. I will post a review of the terrain tomorrow. 

In the meantime, here is my review of their double sided 4x4 game mat "Highlands/Forgotten Realm" which features a grasslands open battlefield and a cobblestone street layout for your medieval/steam punk villages.

I'm really blown away at how many good war gaming products are available these days. Being a war gamer has not been easier as you no longer need to manufacture your terrain and table from scratch. Back when I got into the hobby some 15 years ago the range of hobby products was very limited. Now here I am reviewing stuff from yet another European company, Czech republic based GameMat.eu.

This is my second "mouse pad material" style game mat, but it is my first double sided game mat.
The print quality and durability of this mat is excellent. Details have a slight 3D effect when you look at them and the colors are really good. It's lightweight and easy to roll up for storage and transport. You actually get a transport bags with every game mat you purchase from the site, you can also purchase additional transport bags fairly cheap (I purchased an additional carry bag for my other game mat).

The soft surface adds protection for your metal miniatures if you should drop or knock them over, it also makes rolling dice directly on the table less noisy. I was interested to see how the quality the edges would be with two printed surfaces. I'm happy to say that the glue used for the game mat is very strong and the edges are smooth.

There is actually no smell of ink or rubber on the game mat I got, so I didn't have to air it. I can't tell if this is because of the manufacturing method or whether it had been sitting in a warehouse prior to shipping so that the smell disappeared.

Just like I wrote in my previous game mat review, I really think this is the direction to go for gamers that have precious little storage space. The ability to roll this one up and use minimal storage space is a strong reason to get it if you are gaming at home on your kitchen table. The other thing about the game mats with the mouse pad finish is that there are no glossy reflections on the surface, which lends itself well for photography. The game mat itself is heavy enough to lay completely flat on any surface, and if you have a table that is smaller than 4 feet across, the game mat will hang over the edges without causing you problems or annoyance.

The double sided nature of this game mat also makes it a lot easier to roll up for storage since the mouse pad surface is smooth. The only problem you could get into with the double sided game mat is that it is easier to disturb by getting stuck to the edges by accident than a single sided game mat that has a rubber back which sticks much harder to any surface. This problem is however minimal and should not be a detriment.

I've taken pictures of the game mat, both sides, with some terrain on it so that you can see how it looks during game play. The terrain and miniatures blend well with the surface.

All in all, I really recommend getting a mouse pad style game mat for your table. This one will see lots of use for Frostgrave, Empire of the Dead and other skirmish games that I have.
You can get this game mat, as well as check out a lot of different designs of both single and double sided game mats over at GameMat.eu by following the link below:

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