31 March 2018

Medieval houses set review

My second package from GameMat.eu featured a review sample of their "Medieval houses set", which is pre painted resin/plastic terrain ready to use straight out of the box for your 28mm games.

The set contains 3 houses, 1 large ruin, 1 well, 1 statue, 10 boxes, 10 crates, 10 barrels and 10 bags.

The casting quality is good, it's difficult to tell exactly what the buildings are made of. The company states it is resin based material. It smells a bit like the heavy plastic that garden gnomes are made of (if you have that frame of reference lol!). Worth mentioning is that the buildings are relatively light weight and probably hollow while the ruined building is heavier and solid. The remaining scatter terrain feels and looks more like resin of the durable/non brittle kind.

For pre painted terrain, the quality of the painting ranges from good to very good. The textures on the terrain lends itself well for repainting or touching up with a light dry brush if you want to add additional work. For me, they are fine and will be used as they come straight out of the box.

The terrain matches 28mm miniatures very well, the pictures show the terrain with one of my 28mm Frostgrave miniatures.

I really like that the terrain set comes with  the scatter terrain, the crates, boxes and barrels are awesome. I'm not a fan of the bags, I think they look more like parcels. I'm at a point in my life where I try to focus on painting miniatures with the spare time I have for the hobby, I'm really trying to cut corners finding ready to use terrain. This set is great in that regard. It may not be enough to form a full village, but it is a start - or at least a good addition to your existing terrain collection.

The sculpts for the buildings are good, the smaller buildings are all identical and are pretty nice, but my favorite is the large ruin. The footprint of the ruin is about as big as two of the houses. The sculpt is really good looking, and you could easily add more character to it if you want by simply adding tufts, flock or a bit of foliage to make it look more overgrown and deserted.

The only thing that I will be repainting a little is the statue, which is painted gold/metal. I will repaint the lower half of the statue to look like stone. The scatter terrain has uses for pretty much any period, and I will be using the houses and the ruin for games like SAGA, Empire of the Dead and Frostgrave.

I'm very happy with the terrain, and you will see it in my upcoming battle reports. GameMat.eu also has several other terrain sets, among them a big city wall that and natural terrain such as rock formations and cliffs.

You can check out their site and the rest of their range of pre painted terrain by following the link below:


  1. Splendid houses, well, statue and barrils, I'm jealous!

  2. Thanks for the review and good to hear they are delivering quality. Have some of their sets on my radar. Think the drybrushing is a bit stark, too cool on the temp scale, and too much contrast, and would probably modulate it with some glazes warm neutral craft paint and matte medium. Ceramcoat Hippo Grey in particular. That ruin would be great for Mordheim.

  3. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!



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