15 March 2018

Rangers and unit cards for Muskets and Tomahawks

Speed painted, or rather re-painted some Rogers Rangers for "Muskets & Tomahawks". I got these as half painted/damaged paintjob models a while back and they have been in my drawers since forever. Since this was one of the few remaining units left to paint for the game I gave them a quick paintjob to be able to field 1-2 units of Rangers depending on unit-size.

I also made unit cards for Muskets and Tomahawks French, British and Indian Nations. 42 individual cards or a PDF document with all of them is available to download through my blog. Bear in mind that I did not cover every single unit profile in the game for each nation, and I also made some of the cards with fixed equipment and traits upgraded according to my own thematic preference. The collection of cards cover a lot of profiles however and can be a good start, you can make your own additions by using the cardsmith online tool which I have made a tutorial for HERE

You can download the cards below from my google drive HERE


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