05 March 2018

The world of the Witcher, book review

The world of the Wticher "video game compendium" was released about the same time as the latest Witcher game (Witcher: The wild hunt). Do not let the "video game compendium" part of the title put you off as this is not a guide to the video game at all.

The book is published by Dark Horse, the people responsible for the Witcher comic books and in collaboration with CD Project Red, the developer of the Witcher video game series. For a huge Witcher fan such as myself the book is a pleasure to read and too browse. It features gorgeous artwork, concept sketches for world locations featured in the video games, as well as artwork of characters and monsters.

The text content read like a guide to the Witcher universe, and though the book is but 181 pages it offers a good insight into the world, factions, characters, locations and plot points to the Witcher storyline of the games (which is something of an extended universe to the novels by author Andrzej Sapkowski).

From my point of view there are a couple of reasons to own this book. Firstly to expand your library and collection of all things Witcher related, the artwork alone is well worth the price (about 30 euro).

The second reason to own the book is if you want to get a good overview of the Witcher universe, easily accessible and accompanied by artwork.

The third reason to own the book would be if you are interested in creating something gaming related using the Witcher universe - be it a miniature wargame module or a pen-and-paper roleplaying experience set in the Witcher world. This book features enough content to give you a very good framework to base your ideas upon.

What I love about the Witcher is that it is high fantasy - but with its own twist and style. The Witcher universe blends the world of Lord of  the Rings with that of Game of Thrones - spiced up by eastern European folklore and fairytales. The books and the games present a mature world with politics, intrigue and characters that create an interesting and unique world as well as very well written characters and awesome monsters and beasts.

I highly recommend this book to anyone remotely interested in the Witcher and/or anyone wanting to broaden their fantasy book collection with something different.


  1. Thanks for the review, I got this book for Christmas, alas it still has the shrinkwrap on it. Just too much to do & never enough time to get there!

    1. It has a lot of eye candy if you can't spare the time to read :D


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