20 March 2018

William the Conqueror for SAGA

As I already have a large Viking themed army to play several of the factions in the SAGA 2nd edition army book I looked at what else could be fun and versatile to collect. The Viking factions in SAGA 2nd edition are hands down the most numerous, but I saw that the Carolingians/Franks and Normans both shared the same SAGA dice and I could pretty much make double use of the models for both factions.

As such I got a load of Norman themed miniatures, with more on the way, and a new big painting project is on the way. Most of the models will be made up of Conquest Games plastic kits, it's been a while since I build these number of miniatures in plastic but fortunately the kits are easy to clean and to assemble.

I'm currently waiting for shield transfers for both knights and infantry, but in the meantime I painted up William "the Bastard" miniature from Gripping Beast.

It's a great looking and very dynamic miniature. I had some mixed feelings about the club, but having read up on clubs (most likely) were some kind of symbol of rank among the Normans at Hastings and the Norman conquest I decided against swapping the club for a sword or spear.

I tried to freehand two lions on the shield, the result is so so but I wanted to attempt painting Williams crest on the shield in free hand using a picture as reference.

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