08 April 2018

6 pts of Normans painted and tested

This one went really fast, just two sittings and my second Norman warrior unit on foot is painted up. 
I counted the models left in the Norman warriors plastic box, and I have enough soldiers to make two more warrior units on foot! They will definitely be built and painted later on since I will be needing lots of infantry for the Anglo-Saxons.

Now I have 6 points of Normans so Caroline and I tried them out right away this evening.

We ran Vikings (me) against Normans (Caroline)

Vikings Warlord
3x Viking Warriors
2x Viking Hearth Guard
1x Viking Levy archers

Norman Warlord
2x Norman warriors, on foot

1x Norman warriors with crossbows
1x Norman warriors, mounted
2x Hearth guards, on foot

We also used the standard scenario from the 2nd edition core rulebook, it was great fun. Caroline liked the Norman battle board and said it was a lot more tactical and filled with more tricks than the Anglo-Danes she has been using up until now. Ideally more mounted units are needed, and they are coming.

I ran Vikings and thought it was nice to meet a new army, and found the 2nd edition Normans to be a very interesting and tricky opponent. They seem to have a lot of good options, their cavalry can evade charges from infantry easily, they can inflict fatigue if their shooting cause casualties and also cause automatic hits on units with fatigue. Their Warlord can also go batshit crazy with additional attacks and increased resilience!

The battle itself was a a nice grind and ended a bloody slaughter. The Normans had the upper hand in the end and had suffered slightly fewer casualties and winning the fight in the end.


  1. Very nice- Just the sort of inspiring paint- work for me to get a move on with mine. Thanks for posting.



  2. We are enjoying the new 2nd edition of Saga also. I have just finished up a new Irish warband too, which are my first Dark Ages figures to be completed for a few years now!

  3. Thanks guys!

    @Paul, I saw them - great stuff! :)

  4. Great looking minis, expressive faces and beautiful shields!

  5. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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