07 April 2018

Norman hearth guard on foot

Two units of Norman hearth guards on foot for SAGA. These are all plastics from the Norman infantry plastic boxed set. I pretty much used all the chainmail bodies in the box (not counting the banner man/commander bodies).

I also made an early decision that I would use round shields for the hearth guards, both mounted and dismounted, to make them easier to differentiate from the regular warriors mounted and dismounted.

These painted up super fast, I went through 4 in one sitting/evening two days in a row. Next up will be another warrior unit on foot - which will give me a total of 6 playable points. After that I will revert to painting up mounted warriors and hearth guards and a levy unit of archers.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! Was the yellow and green swirl on the shield free-hand?


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